Finally got around to playing five night’s at freddy’s and it’s so frustrating. I keep getting fucked over by bonnie and chicka. They keep hanging out at my door and NOT GOING AWAY so I end up using all my power.

Also, is it just me or are there two freddies? I saw one in my left hallway cam, then the creepy other one up close to the cam right outside my door. Or maybe that first freddy is actually bonnie?? I’m too chickenshit to have the camera up for that long.


Umm. The fuck is that?

probs a nematode but I’d need a closer picture to be sure.

So very tempted to buy some buces right now someone send help.


I think everyone should know about Pega donkeys which are a gaited breed native to Brazil and they are cute as hell.

These are some really nice asses.



burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

(via misterbara)


Dumat and Lancelot tied, so I did both! Complete with a hand and a selfie for some size reference on these two.

I now have a backyard for backyard photos oh my god life is beautiful

check out these wigglers


Came  home to the 60f half empty and water all over the floor :((((

Well, there’s some good news. So far I haven’t found a leak. Not sure how all that water got spilled though. I’m thinking that maybe the spray bar got knocked up and started tossing all the water on top of the lid. But how did it get moved??? The door was shut all day so there were no cats to mess with it.

At this point I’m just ????????

Came  home to the 60f half empty and water all over the floor :((((


Wow, Ming-Hua is cool as hell but I really wish she had gotten a different voice actress than Grey DeLisle because she breaks character into a Azula too frequently.